Email Inbox
Get started


Get started

You can receive and send emails directly from Aidbase.
Follow the steps below to get started.

Create an email inbox

Create a new email inbox by clicking Email Inboxes from the left menu and then clicking Create New Email Inbox.

Create inbox

Verify your sender address

Pick an alias for your inbox.
Next, click "Set up a custom email"

Verify email


Setting up a custom email is a paid feature.
On the free plan, emails will be sent from

Once you have entered your sender address, click Verify.
You will receive an email with a verification code from Aidbase shortly.

Verify email

Set up email forwarding

Finally, you need to forwarding incoming emails to your Aidbase inbox.
Click the Install tab and copy the forwarding address.

Verify email

Then go to your email provider and set up forwarding to the address you copied.
You can see how to do this for some popular email providers below.